Heritage Council of Victoria

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The Heritage Council of Victoria provides the highest level of legal protection for cultural heritage places and objects in Victoria.

The Heritage Council of Victoria is an independent statutory authority and Victoria’s main decision-making body on (non-Indigenous) cultural heritage issues.

Ten members are appointed by the Governor-in-Council on the recommendation of the Minister for Planning.

The Heritage Council of Victoria receives professional advice and administrative support from Heritage Victoria, and both organisations work together on a range of committees.

Our work

Heritage Council of Victoria:

  • is the primary source of advice to the Minister for Planning on heritage issues
  • decides which places and objects are added to the Victorian Heritage Register, and operates in accordance with the Victorian Heritage Act.
  • hears appeals on permit applications determined by Heritage Victoria
  • promotes public understanding of Victoria's cultural heritage and conducts community education and information programs.

Annual Heritage Council Address

When Ray Tonkin retired as Executive Director of Heritage Victoria in June 2009, his reflection on 30 years of heritage conservation formed the inaugural Heritage Council Address. This is now held at Melbourne Museum during Heritage Week in April each year.

Further information

Heritage Council of Victoria Strategic Plan