Frequently asked questions

What if there are areas of non compliance found?

If areas of non compliance with the Local Government Act 1989 (Act) are identified, the compliance team will document these in the audit report and provide recommendations to council.

Council will be given the opportunity to respond to the recommendations and asked to develop actions to address the identified issues within nominated timeframes.

How often will my council be audited?

There is no set amount for the number of times a council will be audited.

The current audit program will see all 79 Victorian councils participate in a comprehensive audit process at least once over a three year period due to conclude in June 2013 however, spot audits can occur at any time without notice and on multiple occasions.

The scheduled audit program will continue indefinitely after 2013 to ensure compliance with the Act, encourage continuous improvement and set higher standards.

Do I get given notice before an audit? 

Sometimes. If your council is selected to take part in a scheduled audit then the CEO will be notified via email to negotiate audit dates and requirements. A spot audit however may occur at any time without prior notice.

What happens at a spot audit?

During a spot audit, the compliance team may ask council to demonstrate compliance with any part of the Act. This may require the supply of documents, demonstration of knowledge or reviews of policies and procedures.

Where can I get advice on developing or implementing actions to address areas of non compliance?

You can contact the compliance team at any time to seek advice on the best way to address action items and ensure compliance with the Act.

Local Government Victoria also provides online resources and guides that will provide advice about compliance with sections of the Act, council governance and best practice solutions. The Municipal Association of Victoria can also provide advice.

You may also want to talk to your neighbouring councils to share ideas and collaborate to develop effective processes.