Building envelopes

Building envelopes set design parameters for development on an allotment. These design parameters can be described by diagrams, plans or written descriptions, or a combination of these formats.

Building envelopes can manage the same range of matters as the residential development provisions in effect in Victoria.

The development provisions for residential subdivision provide for the creation of building envelopes.

The residential development provisions for single dwellings under the Building Regulations 2006 recognise building envelopes in certain circumstances.

The Building Envelopes Information Kit (First Edition, June 2003) provides information for land subdividers, land surveyors, town planners, municipal councils, housing designers and building surveyors on creating, assessing and applying building envelopes.

Specific information about building envelopes and single dwellings which are assessed against Part 4 of the Building Regulations 2006 can be found in the Practice Note Building Envelopes and Part 4 of the Building Regulations 2006, published by the Victorian Building Authority.