Housing and residential development

View of Melbournbe city skyline and residential infill development Where people choose to live and the type of housing they select is influenced by a number of factors. These include the cost of housing, accessibility to services and employment opportunities, preference for different neighbourhoods and lifestyle choices.

Challenges for housing across Victoria include affordability, an ageing population, smaller and single person households as well as new lifestyle preferences.

The planning system provides a framework for managing change and to create well-planned and sustainable communities across Victoria.

In this section:

  •  Housing Capacity

    A consortium, led by SGS Economics and Planning, has been assessing the capacity of Melbourne's ability to accommodate new housing development. The methodology was developed through consultation with local government.

    The capacity assessments will provide useful baseline information to inform strategic planning, including informing the development of the new metropolitan planning strategy for Melbourne, to commence in 2011.

  •  Housing Affordability Unit

    A new Housing Affordability Unit has been established within DPCD to provide a whole of government overview to the Minister for Planning about state and local government policies, legislation or procedures that could be reformed to help improve housing affordability.

    A key priority has been the development of policies and legislative reform to support the establishment of the new Urban Renewal Authority.  The Authority will provide an important mechanism for the facilitation of improved housing affordability outcomes.

  • Housing Development Data

    Information about the number and location of existing dwellings, vacant residential land, and recent residential development across land within metropolitan Melbourne.

  • Caravan Parks and Movable Dwellings

    Amendments to the Regulations governing caravan parks and movable dwellings were introduced in 2011 to simplify their operation.

  • Regional Housing Statements

    Strategic frameworks for planning for housing needs and to inform the provision of new services and infrastructure.

Other resources

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  • Guidelines for Higher Density Residential Development
    Helping architects, designers, developers, and local government ensure high quality design of higher density housing.

  • Central Activities Areas
    A major Victorian Government program that is helping to revitalise metropolitan centres.

  • Urban and Regional Research
    Research information across a range of topics, including population, housing, land development and employment.

  • Urban Design
    Guidelines and information on urban design practices and DPCD's advisory services.

  • Urban Development Program
    A program of monitoring and reporting about the supply of and demand for residential and industrial land within metropolitan Melbourne and other key areas across regional Victoria.

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  • Neighbourhood Renewal
    A State Government program, working with local communities, businesses and service providers to bridge the gap between the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Victoria and their surrounding communities.

  • Building Commission
    A statutory authority that overseas the building control system in Victoria.