Green Wedge Zone

Changes to the existing Green Wedge Zone were gazetted on 5 September 2013.

What is the purpose of this zone?

The Green Wedge Zone recognises, protects and conserves green wedge land.

Key features

Changes to the existing Green Wedge Zone include:
  • a new purpose statement to provide for the use of land for agriculture
  • making many agricultural uses exempt from a permit requirement
  • removing permit requirements for other uses such as primary produce sales and rural store
  • removing the prohibition on primary and secondary schools
  • removing the prohibition on place of assembly and including an associated condition
  • removing the requirement for a mandatory  section 173 agreement which restricts future subdivision after an initial subdivision is approved
  • increasing the threshold for persons that can be accommodated in a bed and breakfast from six to 10 without a permit
  • retaining in conjunction and other related conditions for function centre, group accommodation, research and development centre, research centre, residential building, residential hotel and restaurant
  • including additional decision guidelines for primary and secondary schools.
The schedule to the Green Wedge Zone has not been amended.

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Note: The gazetted zones and schedules shown here are current as of 5 September 2013. To ensure that you are using the current gazetted version of the zones and schedules go to the Victoria Planning Provisions and Ministerial Direction on the Form and Content of Planning Schemes.